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Prominent Rohingya figure arrested under false accusations

Nay Pyi Daw: A former MP and prominent businessman of Rohingya origin Mr. Zawhir Ahmed also known as U Aung Zaw Win was arrested by Myanmar authorities on false and made up accusations.

U Aung Zaw Win was arrested on 28th February, 2018 at around 9:30 am in Mangladon International Airport, Yangon, Myanmar. As he was traveling to Bangkok, Thailand for business purposes.
He was a member of the parliament in 2010 election as a candidate for a pro military party known as Union Solidarity and Development Party.

Many says the reason of U Aung Zaw Win arrest was because of his Rohingya origin, it is a sign of Myanmar government’s agenda to eradicate Rohingya presence from entire Myanmar.
Rohingya people in Yangon are anxious and scared as they are oblivious of what will happen next against them.

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