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Flag meeting held between BGP and BGB

Burma Times

Flag meeting was held between Myanmar’s Border Guard Police (BGP) and Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB) following tension over the issue at the Ghumdhum border in Bandarban’s Naikhonchari on Friday afternoon, our correspondent said.

BGB Battalion Commander Lt. Col. Manjurul Hasan, who led the team at the talks on Friday, said, “Myanmar claimed they deployed army soldiers and border guards near the border with heavy weaponry in different times for internal security.”

BGP, however, denied firing any shots on Friday night when BGB asked them to inform Bangladesh before taking any such step in the future, Manjurul said.

“They assured us of taking back the Rohingyas camped in the zero line. They said the joint working committee on the repatriation of the Rohingyas would decide how and when the process will start,” he added.

The BGB team walked to the area of a bridge linking the two countries in the afternoon and held the meeting at a tent set up on the Taungbro border.

Around 17,000 Rohingyas have been living in no man’s land between the countries, including nearly 7,000 in Taungbro, since Myanmar launched a military operation which international community dubbed “ethnic cleansing” in the Rakhine State on Aug 25 last year.

On Thursday morning, a huge number of BGP personnel took the position within a few hundred metres from the border with heavy weaponry.

They asked the Rohingyas to move away from the no man’s land, using loudspeaker for hours and scaring the members of the ethnic minority.

The members of Myanmar’s BGP and army were throwing bottles of alcoholic drink and brickbats onto their shanties for some days, the Rohingyas said.

The US, which has been harshly criticising Myanmar since it launched the army operation last year, said it was watching the situation ‘carefully and closely’.

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