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Joint patrol on the Myanmar-Bangladesh border

Burma Times:

According to the previous agreement, Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB) and Myanmar’s Border Guard Police (BGP) will jointly patrol on the Myanmar-Bangladesh border from March 27, 2018, Home Minister Asaduzzaman Khanan Kamal said.

The Home Minister said in a program where it was held in Christianity at Farmgate in the capital of Dhaka on March 3, 2018.

Asaduzzaman Khaman Kamal also said, on the basis of incorrect information, the Myanmar’s troops were rallying on the border of Myanmar. They took away heavy weapons from the border. Now the border situation is in control.

Later, in response to a question from journalists, the minister said that the Rohingya will be able to return to Myanmar very quickly.As International continue pressure on Myanmar.

However, Bangladesh want friendly relations with Myanmar, according to sources. ##

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