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Myanmar depoly army in Maungdaw

The Burma Times

Myanmar has deployed additional troops on the banks of the Naf river and Maungdaw area, a source from Myanmar said.

The Myanmar’s border forces including army personnel have been deployed again from the number one sector of Maungdaw area in Arakan State since Sunday evening.

Earlier on Thursday, Myanmar forces fired on Rohingya refugees at Taungbro border of Ghumdum union and violated the international law.

Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB) proposed to Myanmar’s Border Guard Police (BGP) for flag meetings. The next day’s flag meeting was held between BGB and BGB in the Bridge area of ​​the Ghumdhum border on Friday afternoon. Then the tensions on the border became in control.

However, the situation is recently worse again along the border area of Maungdaw, a local villager said on condition of anonymity. ##

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