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Water crisis in new refugee camps

By Burma Times

New arrival Rohingya refugees are facing acute water shortage who are living in new camps— Nayapara, Leda and other areas, Hossain Juhar a refugee from Nayapara camp said.

The refugees, including women and girls, have to go to streams nearby mountain side to fetch water daily.

“We have to go to local village for fetching drinking water from tube-well,” Juhar added.

According to refugees, some people tried to give tube-well in new Nayapara camp, southern side of official Nayapara refugee camp but the water is found in deep place.

During the hot season, the streams will be dried up. The refugees will face problem to fetch water in future, the refugees added.

The refugees believe that if they don’t get pure water and can’t bath on time, they will suffer from skin diseases and others. ##

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