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Housing to be built for monks in Northern Buthidaung villages

By Burma Times

Three hundred new houses are going to be built in the Northern Buthidaung villages of Mein Gee See, Khan Samarr and Saan Gaana, according to multiple sources in the area.

The houses will be built for monks on what was land previously inhabited and owned by Rohingya Muslims. The residences of Muslims were destroyed during the military operations of 2017 which killed hundreds in those areas. Altogether it is estimated that between ten to fifteen thousand Rohingyas, including hundreds of children were killed in the military operations that drive out around 700,000 people in the area.

The news was leaked out following the visit of La Wa Ka and Ma Ye Ka officials who visited the area on Friday morning and took land measurements. The officials were heard talking among themselves about these plans, confirmed multiple independent sources.

Many of the villages were the worst atrocities have taken place are already being bulldozed to the ground and all remnants of Muslim existence are being wiped out.

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