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UNHCR distribute bamboos to new Rohingya refugees for shelter

By Burma Times

UNHCR is working for the Rohingya refugees and distributing bamboos among the new refugees for constructing shelters in new Nayapara camp, Sayed Hussain from the new Nayapara camp said.

UNHCR (UN Refugee Agency) has distributed bamboos the new Rohingya refugees in different camps before starting rainy season.

UNHCR makes improvement of refugee families’ shelter in Bangladesh, sources said.

Dil Mohammed from Nayapara new camp said, “I’m very happy after getting bamboos as I will be able to construct my hut strongly before starting rainy season.”

“It is also very helpful for all new refugees getting bamboos for making shelter,” Mohammed added.

In addition, UNHCR provide thinner pieces of bamboo, as well as tarpaulins and tool kits of hammers, nails and plastic ties, to waterproof the shelter against the monsoon rains expected in March.

“We have a huge amount of work to do,” said Richard Evans, UNHCR’s senior shelter specialist in Cox’s Bazar. “Before the monsoon comes, we need to move as many people as possible to higher ground, and keep providing shelter kits.”

However, it is very important to support and urgently help the refugee children, women and men in Bangladesh refugee camps. ##

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