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Rohingya refugees unwilling to go back Myanmar without rights

March 15, 2018
By Burma Times

Rohingya refugees are unwilling to go back Myanmar without their citizenship rights and want to stay in Bangladesh untill become peaceful in Arakan State, a refugee elder told the Burma Times.

“We must go back our homeland if we obtain our citizenship rights and dignity like other ethnic groups.”

The elder also saying, the refugees don’t agree on it which was announced yesterday. Myanmar has verified only 374 Rohingyas from the list of 8032 for possible repatriation from Bangladesh to their homeland in Rakhine state.

Permanent Secretary at Myanmar’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs Myint Thu briefed media on Wednesday in Naypyitaw saying they had scrutinised the lists handed over by Bangladesh in February.

Bangladesh had handed over a list of 1,673 Rohingya families (8,032 individuals) to Myanmar to start the first phase of repatriation of the displaced people to their homeland in Rakhine state.

There was no specific timeframe to start the repatriation but Bangladesh had expressed the hope that it would start soon.

On November 23, Bangladesh and Myanmar signed to repatriate refugees. They later signed a document on ‘Physical Arrangement’ which will facilitate the return of Rohingays to their homeland from Bangladesh.

The ‘Physical Arrangement’ stipulates that the repatriation will be completed preferably within two years from the commencement of repatriation.

According to refugees, there are still going ethinic cleansing and human rights abuses in Arakan State, Myanmar. Thousands of Rohingya people, children including women were killed, burnt, gang raped and salughtered by the military and security forces in late August 2017.

However, the Rohingya refugees have urged the Bangladesh government and International community not to send them to Myanmar from Bangladesh without their citizenship rights and dignity, the refugees added. ##

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