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Rohingya refugees suffer from diseases in camps

The Burma Times

Rohingya refugees are currently suffering from various diseases, fever, cough and diarrhea in different camps along the border areas of Cox’s Bazar district, a refugee from the camp said.

Rohingya refugees’ men, women including children suffering from fever, skin disease and etc. They are taking medicines from different clinics where were settled in the camps by the Bangladesh government, INGOs and MSF.

A refugee woman namely Rohima said that she has been suffering from fever and headache for a week.

She went to a clinic two days ago. She was provided some medicines after checkup her body by doctor.

She also said, “I was very happy after getting some medicines. It will be good for my health.”

Another boy was taken another clinic by his mother. He has been suffering from fever and skin diseases a couple of week, the mother of patient told the Burma Times.

The mother of patient said, “We obtain good treatment from different clinics, but don’t know the name of clinics.”

Similarly, many Rohingya refugees are suffering from diseases in the camps and seeing many patients in the clinics, she further said. ##

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