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Human trafficking starts again for Malaysia

By Burma Times

Human trafficking has started again for Malaysia by sea route that a boat with Rohingya refugees was trying to go to Malaysia on April 1, 2018, according to sources.

The boat, carrying 56 refugees, stopped on Lanta Island in Southern Krabi province after a heavy storm on Saturday evening. It was the first Rohingya vessel spotted off Thailand in more than a year, local police said.

“We treated them with humanitarian consideration and allowed them to return to sea because they told us they were heading to Malaysia,” Lanta police chief, Police Colonel ML Pattanajak Chakrabandhu said.

Locals also gave food and water the Rohingya boat people, he said.

Chris Lewa of the Arakan Project, an independent research and advocacy group, says Sunday’s stopover of a fishing boat with 56 people at an island in Thailand’s Krabi province is probably not a harbinger of more soon to come because the weather will soon turn too rough for such crossings.

More than 700,000 fled to Bangladesh to escape from Myanmar’s army killing and torturing the last year 2017.

However, thousands of Rohingya fled by sea following an outbreak of sectarian violence in Arakan State in 2012. ##

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