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Rohingya urge Myanmar to open door for travelling in Arakan State

By Burma Times

Rohingya Muslims have urged the government of Myanmar to open the door for traveling in northern Arakan State, Myanmar who are living there, according to our correspondent.

After crackdown August 25, 2017, the Rohingya people are not able to go to one place to another place because they have been given tight security by Myanmar’s army and Border Guard Police (BGP).

A village elder from Arakan State said on condition of anonymity, “We have no works. We are not allowed to go to Maundaw-Buthidaung town by the security forces. We can’t go to the market to buy something for fear of arrest and harassment by the security forces and Rakhines.”

The elder also said that some villagers go to nearby markets to buy something without knowledge of the concerned authorities of Myanmar and Rakhines. If Rakhine youths meet any Rohingya on the way or market, they catch and beat Rohingya villagers.

Many villagers are suffering from their survivals in the in Arakan State as they have no jobs or works, he further said.

According to sources, some villagers are getting an opportunity from the Myanmar government who are holding NVC cards. They can go to town for marketing.

The situation of Myanmar is not the improvement and become worse day by day. The Myanmar government bulldozed the villages of Rohingyas who fled to Bangladesh from Arakan State after the crackdown last year, 2017, sources said.

Besides, Bangladesh government has taken the step and prepared to repatriate Rohingya refugees to Myanmar.

A schoolteacher told the Burma-Times, the condition of Myanmar is very critical, it will not be better to send back Rohingya refugees to Myanmar from Bangladesh without solving Rohingyas’ problem. If forcibly send back Rohingya refugees to home without their rights and safe zone, they will come again to Bangladesh like previous refugees. ##

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