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Some refugees of Kutupalong evacuated in safe place

By Burma Times

Some Rohingyas refugees of risky area are being evacuated from the Kutupalong camp of Cox’s Bazar district to new camp due to in fear of natural disasters like mountain collapse and cyclone. The government has made a new camp for them in 500 acres of land, a refugee elder said.

Disaster management ministry has decided to remove them. According to UN Development Report-(UNDP) that there is a possibility of huge loss of life in Kutupalong landslide and any accidents.

The Rohingyas fled to Bangladesh to save their lives from the Myanmar army’s killing and torture where large number of Rohingyas refugees are living in Kutupalong camp and other areas in Cox’s Bazar district. The temporary shelters have been constructed with polythene and plastic sheets for the refugees. These components have blocked the flow of water in different parts of the hill. It has raised concerns about water logging and landslides from the United Nations Development Organization-UNDP and the Environmental and Forest Ministry’s Environmental Risk Study.

According to joint survey, the number of trees in the hill of Kutupalong area has declined from 72 percent to 39 percent but 67 percent of mud and sandy soil in the mountains. May fall into a little rain and wind and collapse. Therefore, before starting monsoon, it has been recommended and then the Rohingyas be shifted to a safe place.

Disaster Management and Disaster Management Secretary Shah Kamal said that they have started taking away Rohingyas refugee from the risky area of Kutupalong camp.

He said there are about 45,000 families in the most vulnerable areas. Of them, 5000 families have already been removed.

In May last year, there was landslide in 48 areas there due to the cyclone Morah. There is a sudden risk of flooding in this area. ##

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