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Rohingya continue fleeing to Bangladesh

The Burma Times

The Rohingya villagers are fleeing to Bangladesh from Myanmar for their safety due to Myanmar’s security forces continue the ethnic cleansing of the remaining Rohingyas in northern Arakan State, according to our sources.

Those Rohingya men and women, who have arrived in Shapuridip of Bangladesh side recently, they described how they faced forced starvation, arbitrary arrest, abductions, restriction of movement and looting of property in their home in recent weeks.

On April 2, 2018, nearly 100 Rohingya people arrived in Bangladesh refugee camp after crossing Naff River, a new refugee said.

Later on, they were provided some basic foods and sent to Nayapara refugee camp for registration by the concerned authority of Bangladesh, he said.

According to different sources, two-three family or single Rohingya frequently cross Myanmar-Bangladesh border. They have no alternative way to go anywhere except neighboring country Bangladesh. It is safety place for the Rohingya Muslims. ##

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