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Rohingyas´Genocide Continues in Arakan

Report from MSL

Buthidaung, (The Burma Times) In Buthidaung Arakan most of the remaining Rohingya have been severely suffering from the very contagious disease Hepatitis(C) for ages. There is no medical facility provided for this particular treatment for the helpless Rohingya patients either by INGOs or by the Myanmar Government. Therefore, people are facing avoidble death  in daily basis for lack of proper medical treatment. Especially, the aged people left behind in Arakan are most vulnerable to various kinds of diseases.

The remaining Rohingya in the affected area, especially children are being malnourished for short of life saving foods since they are not receiving the basic daily rations regularly from the INGOs. 

Therefore, the Rohingya appeal to the International Community, UN, OIC, EU to urgently appoint INGOs and NGOs in Buthidaung, Arakan to provide healthcare facilities and daily life saving foods.

Burmese Authorities’ Arrest & Extort Rohingya from Buthidaung

Mr. Mohammed Juhir son of Kalamea hailed from Thin Ga Net village, Buthidaung was arbitrary arrested by the BGB of Ward No.1  Buthidaung on his way to the Township on 16 March 2019. Later, the BGB extorted 400,000 Kyats and released him. The free movement for the Rohingya people is very restricted in Arakan. 

Arbitrary arrest and money extortion have become the daily task of the BGB on the remaining Rohingya in Buthidaung Township.

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