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Tuesday, March 19, 2019

– Hero imam Mohammed Mahmoud sworn and spat at while returning from interfaith meeting LONDON (Burma Times) – Mohammed Mahmoud, the hero imam who calmed down Muslim worshippers immediately after the terror attack that killed 1 person and injured more than 10 in Finsbury Park in 2017, has been targeted in an Islamophobic attack. The […]

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Burma Times. In Arakan State, Southeast part of Bhudhidaung, In Abdu Gani Village Tract, Pyan Yu Latt village. The name of peoples who has been killed by Burmese Militaries. Abul Husson son of Mahul Husson (54 years old) was died by Bomb exploded of Militaries (battlion 551) when he came there to collect his oxen […]

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