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A Rohingya elder killed by Burmese Army Bomb

Burma Times. In Arakan State, Southeast part of Bhudhidaung, In Abdu Gani Village Tract, Pyan Yu Latt village. The name of peoples who has been killed by Burmese Militaries. Abul Husson son of Mahul Husson (54 years old) was died by Bomb exploded of Militaries (battlion 551) when he came there to collect his oxen near of Shelisha mountain on 19 March, 2019 at around 12:30 PM .Unfortunately,one bomb has been exploded so he was died there. Gonocide is still ongoing within Northern Rakhine state of Bhudhidaung on the remainings Rohingyas. The Burmese genocidal militaries of policies and strategy will never change as they are still killing the innocents Rohingyas by using several kinds of guns. The Rohingyas who are inside of Arakan, Their life still in risks and feeling insecure over there as the Rohingyas future is uncertain.

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